Phase Protocol is a dynamic escrow program built on Solana that funds project teams in phases, grants NFT holders a greater voice in development, and improves security and transparency for buyers, holders, founders, and launchpads alike.

The New Standard

Launch security is virtually non-existent: Doxxing is ineffective, and short-term, third party escrow offers little to no protection for minters while also exposing project funding to market volatility.

Phase Protocol provides greater security for NFT holders and reduces reputational risk for launchpads stemming from poor quality projects and founders.

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Trustless & Decentralized

Featuring a fully on-chain and decentralized process, Phase Protocol integrates directly with minting contracts and then gradually releases funds as teams complete their project development goals.

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Fiscally Responsible

Phase Protocol’s “liquid escrow” function promotes responsible treasury management and allows projects to remain nimble in volatile markets. Teams can instantly and securely swap escrowed funds between SOL and USDC to preserve treasury balances and support long-term goals.

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The greatest team-up in Solana history
“Why de-rug a project when you can de-rug the entire ecosystem?”
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Phase Protocol States

Discover how Phase uses milestones to secure project funds:

The team establishes goals and funding requirements for each roadmap Phase, and those chosen objectives are then locked into the Phase Protocol smart contracts.
Each Phase of development is monitored closely and holders can quickly reference every level of completion.
The team has signaled that they've completed a roadmap Phase. Fund disbursement is locked behind a timed veto vote which must pass to either change the roadmap or disburse funds.
After a veto vote has commenced, the veto threshold must be reached or funds are automatically disbursed and the Phase is marked as completed.
This state occurs if the team cancels the phase or if it is moved to "Refund" status by the team or arbitration authority.

Veto Power to the Community

Utilizing a unique veto voting structure built upon SPL Governance, Phase Protocol ensures a more equitable balance of power between NFT holders and project leads without hindering project development. Teams mark each phase “complete”, which triggers a simple binary vote for holders to consider whether or not the team accomplished its stated phase goals.

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Hype Backed by Action

Hype is no longer enough. Build in silence is a meme. With Phase Protocol, teams must execute on their promises and communicate with their communities to remain viable.

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Maintain Roadmap Flexibility

This ecosystem moves fast. As project leads ourselves, we understand projects must adapt and remain flexible with roadmap milestones. Phase Protocol allows seamless roadmap edits when necessary, while encouraging increased transparency and communication between NFT collectors and teams. Roadmap changes are subject to the same SPL governance structure as a phase completion vote.

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Connect your wallet and easily view all of your held projects secured by Phase Protocol. View roadmaps, phases in progress, completed phases, and phases available for voting.

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Integration Ready

Easily integrate Phase Protocol into any launchpad for a seamless mint process. Roadmaps can be embedded directly into your mint page, providing potential buyers with complete financial transparency, intended development stages, and long-term project goals.

A Mark of Confidence

The Phase Protocol Badge is a mark of confidence, security, and transparency for founders, launchpads, and collectors alike. It is the hallmark of quality across the Solana NFT ecosystem.

Your Dashboard:

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Meet the Team

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