Phase Protocol Logos

Each download link will provide you with both a white and a black version of the respective Phase Protocol logo.

Usage Directions

  1. Use the Vertical Mark in scenarios where the Phase logo needs to be large & the primary focus of a composition. Examples include: Banners, screens, posters, etc.
  2. Use the Horizontal Mark in most scenarios — official documents, collaborative social graphics, on your website, etc.
  3. Use the Logo Mark for graphic applications and small-scale usage environments where the Word Mark will not be legible.
  4. Use the Word Mark for official applications and applications where the Horzontal & Vertical Marks do not look graphically balanced.

Icons & Graphics

Download this graphics pack for more complex graphic designs.

This is included in the full asset pack at the top of the page.

Tap to Download

Phase Colors

Click on a color to the right to copy the hex code.

Colors are to be used minimally — for accents, gradients, and highlights. Solid colors should never be used as blocks. Refer to the contents of this website for correct usage.