Privacy Policy

In short: We collect as little information as possible from you, and we do not share or sell your information with any other company or entity. Any information collected is only used internally.

What is Collected:

The information that may be collected when you use this service includes:

  • Your public Solana address

What Isn't Collected

Anything that isn't explicitly stated above is not collected or stored.

What Is Shared

We don't share any collected information with any other outside entity, company, or individual.

Like any other company, we will comply with court ordered requests for information when we are legally required to do so. However, we have very little information to provide in terms of these legal requests as we try to collect as little as possible in the first place.


If we update this security policy, we will keep a log on this page of the change history.

Hat Tips

Our privacy policy was inspired by DuckDuckGo's privacy policy.


If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, feel free to get in touch in our Twitter.